People-Powered and Outcome Based

Connecting the people-side to achieving business outcomes 

Master Your Impact

You chose lean-agile to help you achieve better business outcomes. You need people to make it happen. 

Make your investment worthwhile by making better people strategies that will ensure your company's success towards business agility by taking a holistic approach to the people and transformation. 

Find Your Blind Spots

Every organization has blind spots and works in a system of teams. Every individual can make an impact to find and manage them. People strategies and learning & development powered by the GCIndex¬ģ create that ability to be proactive and reactive based on where you are in delivering to your business outcomes.

  • Increase effective productivity towards customer value¬†
  • Gain competitive advantage¬†
  • Foster transformational change at every level¬†
  • Innovate for the future¬†


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Align to Business Objectives
Enables leadership teams align their teams to business objectives.
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Unbiased People Decisioning
Common language to discuss leadership, communication and  impact for positive contribution within every team and teams of teams.
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Adaptable to Business Cycles
Make strategic people decisions throughout the lifecycle of delivering to business outcomes within teams for adaptive decisioning. 
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Accelerates Transformation
Better understand and communicate how individuals and teams could best contribute and make an impact in the process of transformational change
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Let's face it. Teams exist everywhere within an organization. Organizations are made of up of a system of teams that can be aligned by a common purpose, values and more importantly... clear measurable outcomes.

This adaptive approach to team strategies align to customer-centric outcomes and help leaders make smart people decisions based on validated learning and impact while creating a culture of highly engaged employees.

Why It Is Important? 

Allows leaders the insight into their workforce when it comes to outcomes and people strategies where proactive and adaptive decisioning can be made at any phase of an outcome.  


  • Outcome metric agnostic and scalable
  • Aligns with any agile outcome based framework
  • Takes into account your current lean-agile maturity state
  • Enhances current HR strategies/operations and professional development¬†
  • Solves blind spots in workforce decisions with hybrid models (employee vs. contract)
  • Gets to the point with internal placement decisioning and right fit conversations
  • Continuous decisioning process¬†



Servant Leaders Of Resilient Teams and Change Agents For The Future

Whether you practice scrum, kanban or a hybrid framework approach, there is always some lead to help teach, mentor and coach lean-agile practices and build high-performing, resilient teams. You may call them Scrum Masters, Flow Masters, RTEs or Team Coaches. 

We know not everyone wants to put their energy into people, continuous improvement and willing to challenge the status quo for new ways of thinking and working. 

There are four dimensions to thriving for excellence: 

  • IDENTITY- Getting clear about YOU and Your contribution to make an impact to an organization¬†
  • SUCCESS- Improving yourself by becoming more aware about how to manage your emotional state, being goal-oriented with success habits and routines as you help others do the same¬†
  • SKILLS- Develop essential soft and hard skills every lean-agile team lead needs to help companies into the future
  • EXPERIENCE- Focus on developing a portfolio experiences as you grow in your career as a leader

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