Your Outcome Method, Mindset For Success and Impact Guide for Agility



I always knew that I loved to see the endless possibilities and create new opportunities that would change the way we see things in the present. 

I started my career as a High School Science Teacher loving to learn, experiment and understand the "why". 

That curiosity led me into the corporate world as a corporate trainer of accounting software for the travel industry and in several different types of job roles that kept me in technology within project and product management. Eventually, that journey led me into agile. 

I was smitten from day one.

Agile was speaking my language of continuous improvement and innovating. 


I quickly found through the years that the hardest part of adopting lean-agile practices was the mindset shift. It came down to people and change which varies by each individual and how we all make-up a system.

I became intrigued with neuroscience and received my certification as a Brain-Based Coach that is rooted in contemporary neuroscience, using the latest insights into how the brain works to create yet more powerful, positive and transformational changes for individuals.

I realized that I needed to go deeper beyond surface level coaching which brought me to Life Coaching where I received my training in Success and Mindset coaching using techniques in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Emotional Releasing Techniques (EFT), T.I.M.E techniques and Clinical Hypnotherapy to help shift our unconscious mind which drives 90% of our behaviors and actions. 

Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilled life by their own design.They may need help in believing in themselvesgetting clarity, or getting uncomfortable with change so they can achieve awesome results.


Impact Energy Card (4)

IMPACT ENERGY: Game Changer-Strategist

Greatest Impact: I see what is possible in ways others often don't. I am not constrained by the "tried and tested" and will often challenge and question "received wisdom" and traditional ways of doing things. 

Approach To Leadership: I lead with ideas and possibilities. I am a catalyst for, and driver of 'leading edge' change. 

Approach to Creativity and Innovation: I will have the most impact when organizations need game-changing possibilities so they can turn into reality. I can help them push beyond the status-quo and business-as-usual constraints. 

Engaging and Influencing: I love to work with others as to help bring ideas to life and win the hearts and minds of big ideas that are transformational. 

Getting Things Done: My goal is to create self-sufficient teams as the day-to-day routine and details tend are best left for others who have this preferred energy. I create self-disciplined guard rails for myself that is driven by my Game Changer dominant energy. 

I Thrive In: Organizations with the desire for change and value innovation and creativity. I have a genuine capacity to think outside of the box and encourage experimentation. 

The Power of TeamWork: I value those who bring a very clear strategic context to action as I like to help with innovative ideas and transformational change. 


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