How To Find Your Blind Spots In Your Steps To Creating A SAFe LACE Team

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Leadership, Culture, and Behavior. 

According to a recent BCG article, "Is Leadership Your Agile Blind Spot?", 65 executives stated that the #1 obstacle was fear of getting out of the comfort zone and #2 was leadership dynamics. 

In SAFe, "Reaching the Tipping Point" is a series of steps called out in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap that works to help address that. Here are some highlights. 

  • Establish a vision for change
  • Train Lean-Change Agents
  • Charter a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence

How confident are you with the following? 

  • Your vision is truly transformational versus staying within your comfort zone or business as usual? 
  • Every leader understands how they really want to put their energy into leading change or contribute to change and why? 
  • Your leadership team will put their energy into leading the desired business outcomes within the timeframe expected? 
  • Your Change leadership team effectively collaborates and focuses on strategic and implementation levels when needed.

You can find your blind spots by measuring change impact energy. 

What is Impact Energy? 

Impact energy is the preferred way an individual wants to put their energy into how he or she contributes to the work to achieve an outcome. This is the question of WHY someone wants to do something that is completely independent of their personality, skills, experience, or mindset. In truth, it is the driver of your skills and capabilities.

All humans are made up of energy and there are different types of energy, like the human energy field, emotional energy and etc. 

For now, we will drive into impact energy which there are five impact energies and thousands of different combinations. These five "proclivities" have different levels of energy that vary per individual. You will see later in this article one individual's energy levels between the five. 

As a Mindset and Success Coach, I start with a better understanding of an individual's purpose, personal core values, and impact energy. Based on their defined achievable outcomes, I help them work through their blind spots which are related to their mindset that drives specific actions and behaviors based on their current mental model of the world. 

In the corporate world, this means clear outcomes are the first step to the process. 

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Based on your impact energy results, you will learn how to maximize your strengths in the following areas: 

  • How You Make Your Greatest Impact
  • Your Approach to Leading Change
  • Approach to Creativity and Innovation Change
  • Engaging and Influencing Change 
  • Getting Things Done 
  • How You Contribute to Change 
  • The Power of Your Change Maker role in a team

Internal Dialogue that might be happening with the individual's dominant impact energy when it comes to change.


How Can We Measure It? 

Measuring impact energy is scalable to adapt to what you are looking for at the moment. Whether you are looking to help a leader understand his/her change leadership impact energy, form a change team, or view the current state of an ART, area of the organization, or the entire enterprise- it's all possible. With someone who loves endless possibilities, I like that it can allow you to use the data in many different ways. It depends on how creative you want to be and the questions you are trying to answer. It is can be combined with existing data, like skills and experience.


How Do We Use It? 


Each leader or change agent understands his or her own unique impact change energy to lead and contribute to change during the initial creation of the Strategic Lean Change canvas to foster collaboration and the different ways each will put their energy into communicating and coming up with outcome success criteria to the change vision. 

Uses within the SAFe Implementation Roadmap to Form A LACE: 

  • How each individual contributes to creating a strategic vision 
  • Personalize Leading Agile training 
  • Personalize Training Lean Change Agents
  • Forming a LACE team aligned to achieving the business outcomes
  • Improve collaboration and communication as a change maker 
  • Learn how each team member can make their best impact within the team



  Impact Energy: Strategist-Implementor


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Leading change: 

  • Brings direction purpose and focus to action 
  • Task-focused and 'hands-on' to lead by example
  • Alert to new ways of getting things done with a focus on operational processes and procedures

Creativity & Innovation:

  • Openness to possibilities with likelihood to evaluate within a strategic context

Engaging & Influencing 

  • Able to articulate direction and focus
  • Bring the 'why" to action for many
  • Help others understand the context
  • See how things fit together
  • Operational details will support your views and arguments and make you influential

Getting Things Done

  • Outcome focused
  • Sense of 'good enough and helps others to move onto the next

Potential Blindspots

  • May be drawn into the details and need help getting out of the details
  • May need help delegated and allowing others to get things done

Potentional Blindspots

  • Working with fluid situations where less rigidity is needed

Potentional Blindspots

  • Might need to be mindful when it comes to engaging 'hearts' as well as minds in an involving and inclusive way

Potentional Blindspots

  • Might become frustrated with over-analysis and debate, especially when the strategic vision is clear. 


Understand the collective energy towards the overall vision and defined outcomes to the change mission. Based on the current team collective energy, the team can better understand their blind spots which potentially can provide insight to missed opportunities in creating a vision that is truly transformational and strategic as a business.

Uses within the SAFe Implementation Roadmap to Form A LACE:

  • Creating a strategic vision that is transformational
  • Finding blindspots as a LACE team
  • Improve collaboration and communicating as a team based on dominant impact energies as a collective
  • Adapt team based on new discoveries during the implementation of SAFe

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 6.53.54 AM

In the example above, this LACE team has the following blindspots as a collective: 

  • The team may focus on improving what exists today and miss opportunities to innovate in the market or create new creative ways to approach current challenges
  • The team has dominant energy towards a tactical focus and may need help direct conversations when a strategic focus is needed
  • All voices on the team may not be heard on the team which may impact diverse ideas and action plans within the group
  • The team may struggle to become fully cohesive when little energy exists for playmaking 
  • The people-side to change may be missed and buy-in to the transformation may be at risk without focusing on getting buy-in and feedback from outside the team

Team of Teams and the Organization

Understand the impact energy of your ARTs and the organization with multi-team views or a map of the organization.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 1.11.46 PM 


Everyone can be a Change Maker. We just have to unlock the potential in people, align them to the right outcomes, and learn how to master their impact. 


I am your Game Changer-Strategist, helping imagine and map change. 

Are you ready to learn your change impact energy? 

Email to learn more. 


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